Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hump day et ceteras

Bitter Greens Journal, a superb and belated addition to our bookmarks, points to an article back from when government organic standards were wee babes. It brings up many of the same issues that are relevant to sustainable food systems today.

Tropical envy: Countdown to mango season in the Philippines

Authentic foods are all the buzz. "People now want food with a place, a face and a taste."

A Chattanooga, TN mayoral candidate (who has the misfortune of sharing an infamous name) has a vision of local foods and a walkable city

Eco-friendly weddings with locally grown vittles. Yet another reason, at least in the Northeast, that summer is the season for weddings (via Wedding-Dress-Guide)

Locally grown strawberries nourish bikers cross-country trip from San Diego to Florida (They're in Texas now)

Taco Bell boycott ends after 4 years: Yum Brands agrees to pay 1 cent more per pound of tomatoes


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