Monday, January 31, 2005

Farm-to-college; tourism industry; healthy kids; Maine potato problems

  • Schools like Brown, Bates, and UC Santa Cruz have all seen success with their local food initiatives, and Yale's program is so popular that it has now been expanded into all of its dining halls [Newsday]

  • Fiji hotels find it hard to balance a desire to use locally grown foods with tourists' requests for year-round tomatoes [Fiji Times]

  • Welsh schools are incorporating more farm-fresh produce and meats and reducing processed foods to combat obesity. [Western Mail]

  • Last week's Northeast Regional Healthy School Foods Marketplace conference served up nutritious ideas for schools in the Northeast. [Providence Journal]

  • Maine potato stores devastated by rotting due to too much rain. In tandem with low prices -- "65 to 70 cents per 10-pound bag" -- many farmers are expected to go out of business [AP]

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