Saturday, January 29, 2005

Weekend Roundup

  • Study: buying local foods from locally-owned establishments essentially doubles the money that stays in the community [Life begins at thirty]

  • The need for a new Family Farm Bill [Farm Policy]

  • Notes from the ‘GMO-free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development’ conference in Berlin [Slowfood]

  • Too Many Chefs' weekly summary of newspaper food sections notes a recipe for homemade ice cream that calls for 8 cups of local snow, a rundown of which huge corporations own which California winemakers , and more evidence that whole grains are the new black. PS- Don't forget to eat your kale and collards... they're in season (in MD/DC)!

  • A cookbook for all seasons offers a recipe for pear turnovers that can be frozen from fresh 'til winter... or if you get your apples/pears from a place with cold storage, like UG and Hill Orchards... [Gothamist]

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