Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Local food mania in the central UK!

In a series of articles this week, the Birmingham Post will be promoting local eating in central England, after a recent poll found that "only 40 per cent of the region's restaurants bought most of their supplies from local producers, yet 65 per cent wanted to source more food regionally."

Today's edition of The Post examines the myth of higher prices (it all comes back to distribution quirks) and tips for chefs/restaurateurs from TV chef Alan Coxon. Yesterday, Prince Charles offered words of support to the paper's efforts.

The Post even has a contest going. Lucky Brits can win a hamper of locally grown produce. I'm kinda jealous.


Blogger Rachael said...

Funny enough, I was in Birmingham this past weekend...and while it certainly was no culinary mecca (though the Indian food did live up to its excellent reputation) I did notice that on almost every menu I saw there was a disclaimer that said something like "All of our meats and vegetables have been sourced locally and are guaranteed never to have been frozen at any time." Hopefully this is the beginning of a good trend!

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